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Bamise's murder: BRT driver says bus was attacked by gunmen

Bamise’s Murder: BRT Driver Says Bus was Attacked by Gunmen

The driver of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle that Bamise Ayanwola boarded, Andrew Nice, has said that gunmen attacked them during the trip.

Bamise was last seen alive after she boarded the BRT bus going to Oshodi from Chevron bus-stop, Ajah around 7pm on February 26.

It was gathered that she sent out a distress WhatsApp message to her friends during the journey saying she was feeling uneasy about the conduct of the driver.

The late 22-year-old fashion designer didn’t make it to her expected destination and this triggered suspicions that she may have been harmed by the driver.

After days of searching for her, the Police disclosed on Monday that Bamise’s corpse was found on Carter Bridge at Ogogoro community, Lagos Island.

Shorty after that, Nice was arrested by the by officials of the Department of State Services (DSS) in Ogun state.


Speaking to newsmen when he was paraded by the police, the driver claimed that three arms-bearing men were on board the BRT bus alongside Bamise.

Nice explained that the gunmen ordered him to off the bus engine at Carter Bridge after which they dragged the deceased out of the bus.

He said “I picked her from Chevron and I picked the other three guys at Agungi. When those guys showed me the weapons as I was going, I was not myself anymore. Fear came over me,” .

“Whatever the gunmen told me, that is what I did. When I followed that Carter bridge, after the overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop there.


“When they ordered me to stop, they said I should open the door. When I opened the door, they now started dragging her down (referring to Bamise).

“When I saw she was crying for help, actually I was helpless. I was thinking she was inside the vehicle holding the iron and I moved on.

“I left her at that scene. I never knew they dragged her down already. I have no connection with anyone of them.”