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If foreign exchange rate, Forex market news, MoneyGram exchange rate, Western Union exchange rate, and ATM Bank rates get you excited, you should check out Aboki Fx.

 Abokifx Rate is an online platform that provides accurate and daily Forex exchange rates – Aboki exchange rate, dollar rate to naira in the black market, abokifx canadian dollar to naira – and recent news on events as they break at the Forex market.

Also, the platform boasts of a currency converter tool whose main function is to give the exchange value of the different currencies available and a currency exchange table providing recent changes to over 163 currencies in the world.

On the platform, an average user is expected to get live exchange rate of the dollar (USD) to the naira, pounds sterling (GBP) to naira, Euro (EUR) to naira, Canadian (CAD) dollar to naira and so on as the list is endless.

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This is how the free currency converter on Abokirate looks like.

How to use Aboki Fx Rate

Black market exchange rate, your daily naira exchange rate, naira to dollar exchange rate, dollar to naira black market exchange rate today are some of the things you can check on the Aboki Fx Rate website.

Asides providing you with the currency exchange rate of the naira, you can check for the values for the USD, GBP, EUR, CEDI, and other currencies.

How to use the Aboki Fx Currency Converter

On the site, an average user will find a currency converter calculator, and a currency table.

The currency converter calculator

On the currency converter calculator, you can check the value of any amount of currency for the central bank rates and even the black market – or the parallel market like some people call it.

For easy understanding, we are going to explain how to use the currency converter calculator using an example.

Let’s say you want to check the black market value of 100 USD to naira. The steps to be taken are outlined below;

  • Open the Aboki Fx section.
  • Change the market value to your preferred option, in our case it is the black market.
  • Next, type in 100 in the first space provided on the calculator and change the currency to USD.
  • The value will be displayed immediately on the next section, but if the value you get isn’t in your desired currency, you can also check that section to your preferred section. Which in this case is the naira.

Forex market News

This section provides an average user with News from every month about the events taking place in the forex market so they can make informed decisions.

Check out MoneyGram exchange rates, Western Union exchange rates, ATM rates, for more financial articles.

Abokifx Naira to Dollar Bank Exchange Rate

Official naira to dollar exchange rate

Abokifx Rate also provides live and updated naira to dollar bank exchange rate as it changes in the Forex Market.

An average user can also find the live exchange value for other currencies used by other countries. Some of these currencies include; Australian dollar (AUD), Chinese Yen (CNY), Japanese Yaun (JPY), South African Rand (ZAR), Ghanaian Cedi (GHS), and so on.

If you are looking for the official bank rate for dollar to naira, pound to naira, naira dollar exchange rate, visit this section of Abokifx Rate today.

Abokifx Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today

Currency exchange rate
United States Dollar. USA
NGN +0.24%

Currency exchange rates in USD on October 26, 2020

Aboki.com Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate

Currency exchange rate
British Pound. United Kingdom
NGN +0.33%

Currency exchange rates in GBP on October 26, 2020

Aboki fx Euro to Naira Exchange Rate

Currency exchange rate
Euro. European Union
NGN +0.03%

Currency exchange rates in EUR on October 26, 2020

Aboki com Canadian Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

Currency exchange rate
Canadian Dollar. Canada
NGN +0.06%

Currency exchange rates in CAD on October 26, 2020

You can get all the exchange rates for various currencies and more using our currency converter.

Market Analysis

The Naira appreciated against the dollar to close at N440/$1 on Tuesday at the black market. This translates to a N25 gain when compared to the N465/$1 exchange rate on Monday, August 31.

Naira Market Rates

Refer to the tables for information on:

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Crypto Exchange Table

CurrenciesRateChange %

Currency exchange rates in NGN on October 26, 2020