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As Court Sentence A Man To Death In Nigeria: What Is Sharia Law, People React

What is Sharia Law?

Sharia also known as muslim law literally means the path leading to the watering place. Sharia law represents a set of guidelines that Muslims must follow in this world to be able to achieve the goal of divine favour in the coming world.

Sharia can also be called Shariah Law and it does not just deal with what an individual must do. It also entails ritual practices – such as almsgiving, fasting, daily prayers and pilgrimage – and actions the individual must refrain from doing.

Blasphemy/ Executions

According to Sharia Law, blasphemy is a criminal offence but it has been argued severally if it is an offence worthy of the death punishment. While some people have come to interpret hadith as suggesting punishments for blasphemy others believe that passages from the Quran curses blasphemous individuals and promises them humiliation in the coming world.

States That Have Adopted Sharia In Nigeria

These are the states that have adopted Sharia Law below;

Zamfara state (27, January 2000)

Kano state (21 Juns 2000)

Sokoto state

Katsina state

Bauchi state (June 2001)

Borno state

Jigawa state

Kebbi state

Yobe state

Kaduna state

Niger state

Gombe state

Yahaya Shariff Aminu; Kano Court Sentences Musician To Death

Kano court sentences Yahaya Shariff Aminu to death by hanging for speaking ill of Prophet Muhammad.

The presiding Judge said that he has the opportunity to appeal the judgement.

Find how Nigerians reacted to the judgement below;