‘Return looted funds’ – Nigerians blast Diezani over Yahoo boys comment

Diezani Alison-Madueke, a former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources, has come under attack for saying that internet fraudsters, who are also popularly known as Yahoo Boys, have become role models in the Nigerian society.

Diezani made these statements while delivering a lecture at a virtual event organised by the Ijaw National Development Group. She warned that the new trend ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ is a travesty of an unfolding tragedy for Nigeria, adding that only hard work could guarantee success.


In the words of the former Minister, “The ones that have swag, the Yahoo Yahoo boys as my son would say; these in short, are the role models they are looking at. These are the ones that reinforce negative societal norms and values”.

Diezani’s words have since stirred heated reactions from Nigerians, especially because she is under trial for alleged fraud. Nigerians took to their Twitter handles to blame Diezani and her likes as the reason Nigerian youths go into internet fraud.

It will be recalled that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, had filed additional 15 criminal charges against an ally of the former Petroleum Minister, Jide Omokore.

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Some of the comments gathered from Twitter included:

@bryobrown “Bring back our money. It is because of your greed that youths find solace in yahoo yahoo.”

@Mayorspeaks “Diezani said Yahoo boys are now role models, this is coming from somebody that stole Nigeria’s 4yrs budget “The Right statement coming from the wrong person, however it’s not about where it came from at times, it’s about the message being delivered.”

@theonlyfederal “This is hushmummy diezani bashing yahoo yahoo boys,this woman is a legal thief.”

@Icyberry4 “With all due respect ma’am we need you to return all the looted funds in your possession before we consider listening to what you have to say!


@Costa_Shido “You represent everything wrong in Nigeria in recent times. Atone for your years of looting of Nigeria’s commonwealth and reckless spending by submitting to authorities for questioning and stop speaking from your hideout like you care.”

@Starkidd01 “Just woke up this morning to read about Diezani spitting rubbish about Yahoo guys when she’s their role model politically. This life has no balance at all .”

@Babatee_ednut “Diezani should be the last person to come out criticizing yahoo boys.You’re simply the yahoo girl.”

@Dreytriplem “Yet, you stole billions of dollars which could have been used for the benefit of millions of Nigerians. I hope you have fully recovered from cancer to enable you to come back to Nigeria and answer to the charges against you madam.”

@xyzreddington “Someone that fucked up the system and stole money that could have been used to better the youths is calling out yahoo boys.”


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