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Mamman Daura flown abroad for treatment amid int’l flight ban

Mamman Daura, nephew of the President Muhammadu Buhari, and alleged member of the “cabal” in the Presidency, was on Wednesday flown abroad for urgent medical treatment, according to a report by SaharaReporters.

It was reported that 79 year old Daura, known to be one of the powerful men behind the Buhari Presidency, was flown to the United Kingdom in a private jet to the UK on Wednesday, having been experiencing respiratory difficulties, along with other COVID-19 related symptoms since last Friday.


Daura made the trip despite the ban imposed on international flights as one of the ways of curtailing further spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria still being in effect.

The President’s wife, Aisha Buhari, had  also defied the ban and reportedly flown to the United Arab Emirates for treatment of neck pain.

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Efforts to get presidential spokesmen to talk on Daura’s trip on Wednesday evening were futile.

However, according to a source in the Presidency, who pleaded anonymity, since Daura was not a government official, it would be wrong to expect any reaction from the government.

“Is he (Daura) a government official? Is that how the Presidency has been speaking officially on the movement of private citizens? I think it will be unfair to expect the Presidency to speak on this,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Nigerians expressed different views concerning the news. Some were of the opinion that Daura and those in positions power, who are suffering from medical conditions should not be sympathized with, as they are reaping the fruits of their negligence of the undeveloped health sector. On the other hand however, some others expressed a contrary opinion.

Below are some of the tweets gathered on the issue.

@Iam_KingBuchi: “As long as they refuse to do the needful, none of them deserves our sympathy! You quickly forgot that these same Nigerians mourn over the death of the likes of Yar’Adua & Dr Adadevoh. Maybe you should check the integrity and patriotism of the persons involved.Why fly Mamman Daura.”

@Morris_Monye: “The last of the three member cabal Mamman Daura is outside the country for urgent medical attention. I wonder what is going on in the mind of President Buhari.”


@holudaray: “The truth about Buhari’s cabal, Mamman Daura and co going for medical attention every now and then is, they are aged people, they’re very old. That is the honest to God truth. So let me ask you, what is more important to your 75 year old grandpa now other than sleep or medical checkup?”

@Chibuzo76881211: “Presidency considering reaching out to Nnamdi Kanu for peace as Mamman Daura’s health worsened in the UK.”

@ncheks2005: “Mamman Daura has embarked on an emergency medical trip to the UK. There is no good hospital in Nigeria so politicians get flown to the UK whenever they fall sick. Aisha Buhari was also flown to Dubai last week to treat ordinary neck pain. Nigeria is irredeemable.”

@KanteCesc: “People from a particular region are jubilating about Mamman Daura’s health, wishing death upon him and the president. Hope this hatred that has consumed you people translates to presidency in 2023 else it’ll be a pity.”