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sixth october bridge

Longest Bridge in Africa That You Should Know About Now

Which bridge is the longest in Africa?

The third mainland bridge in Nigeria used to be the longest in Africa up until 1996 when another bridge was built to displace it from the top position.

If you want to find out the name of the longest bridge in Africa, continue reading this post to find out the names of the top 10 longest bridge in the world.

1. 6th October Bridge, Cairo

sixth october bridge

The Sixth of October bridge is the longest bridge in Africa and the third longest in the world. It is located between Cairo and Ismailia.

This bridge was built between the year 1969 to 1996 and it measures at 20.5km long across the Nile river, the longest river in Africa.

The 6th October bridge also connects The Cairo International Airport to other parts of the city.

2. 3rd mainland bridge

third mainland bridge

The 3rd Mainland Bridge is the second longest bridge in Africa and also the longest bridge in West Africa. The third mainland bridge used to be the longest bridge in Africa but it was displaced by the 6th October bridge.

Of all the Lagos bridges, third mainland remains the longest bridge in the state. The 3rd mainland bridge connects Lagos Island to the mainland of Lagos State, Nigeria. The bridge has a total length of 10.5 kilometers and it was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.

The 3rd Mainland Bridge is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Nigeria, as it eases up traffic congestion on other bridges which are currently used for transportation between Lagos Island and the mainland.


3. Suez Canal Bridge

Suez Canal bridge

The 3rd longest bridge in Africa is the Suez Canal bridge. This bridge is built across the Red sea connecting Egypt to Saudi Arabia in order to foster trade and the easy passage of pilgrims during Hajj.

The Suez Canal Bridge was built to connect the continents of Asia and Africa at the Isthmus of Suez. The bridge is also known as the “Third Water Crossing” or “New Suez Canal Bridge”.

The construction of this bridge was completed in April 2016 and it was inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on November 17, 2016.

This bridge is also known as the Egyptian–Japanese Friendship Bridge.

4. Mozambique Island Bridge

Mozambique island bridge

The Mozambique Island Bridge is the fourth longest bridge in Africa. This bridge is a 3.8 kilometer bridge connecting the Island of Mozambique to the mainland.

The Mozambique Island bridge cuts across the Indian ocean and it was constructed and maintained by the National Road Administration.

5. Dona Ana Bridge

Dona Ana bridge

The fifth longest bridge in Africa is called Dona Ana Bridge. The Dona Ana bridge is a 3.6 kilometer long bridge that cuts across the Zambezi River between the towns of Vila de Sena and Mutarara in Mozambique.

The bridge is named after Ana de Sousa, the first woman to cross the Zambezi River on horseback.

The Dona Ana bridge was constructed in 1934 to connect the towns of Mutarara and Vila de Sena.


6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge

Armando Emilio Guebuza bridge

Armando Emilio Guebuza bridge is the sixth longest bridge in Africa. The Armando Emilio Guebuza is also located in Mozambique right across the Zambezi river.

The bridge was named after the country’s former president and it spans 2.37 kilometer long and 16 meters wide river connecting the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia.

7. Qasr al-Nil Bridge

Qasr al-Nil bridge

The Qasr al-Nil Bridge also known as Kasr El- Nil bridge is the seventh longest bridge in Africa.

After the Qasr al-Nil bridge was built in 1931, it displaced the first bridge ever to be built across the Nile. The bridge is 1.932 kilometer long connecting downtown Cairo to Gezira Island and the Zamalek district in Egypt.

Initially, the Qasr al-Nil bridge was called Khedive Ismail Bridge. The bridge was designed by designed by Ralph Anthony Freeman and it was built out of steel.

8. Wouri Bridge

Wouri bridge

The Wouri bridge is the eight longest bridge in Africa and also the longest bridge in Cameroon with a distance of1.8 kilometer. The Wouri bridge was constructed by the multinational road construction company SOGEA SATOM and financed by the Cameroonian government via a loan from the French government in the 1950s.

The Wouri bridge is located in Cameroon right across the Wouri River connecting Douala to the Port of Kribi. It is a major link for trade between Cameroon and Nigeria.

9. Mkapa Bridge

Mkapa bridge

The ninth longest bridge in Africa is Mkapa bridge located in Tanzania and one of the longest bridge in East and Southern Africa. The Mkapa bridge is a 970 meter long bridge that cuts across River Rufiji.

The bridge was named after Benjamin Mkapa, who was the third President of Tanzania. This construction of Mkapa bridge was financed by Kuwait Fund, OPEC, and the Government of Saudi Arabia via a $30 million loan.

This bridge was built with the sole aim of connecting the Southern part of Tanzania to other important part of the country in 2003.

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge

Katima Mulilo bridge

The Katima Mulilo bridge is a road bridge located in Zambia cutting across the Zambezi river. This bridge is the tenth longest bridge in Africa at 900 meters.

The Katima Mulilo bridge also known as Bridge 508 in the Namibian Bridge Register was built in 2004 running along Sesheke, Zambia and Katima Mulilo, Namibia.