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Laporta Blames fans presence as Eintracht Frankfurt kicks Barcelona out of Europa league

Barcelona were on Thursday taken out by the German club after winger, Filip Kostic scored twice in a 3-2 win that enabled Eintracht to advance 4-3 on aggregate to the semi finals of the tournament where they will be facing the English side westharm united.

Barcelona were expecting huge backing at the stadium but ESPN reported there were close to 30,000 Eintracht fans among the 79,468 crowd.

“Frankly what happened today makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed,” Laporta told Barça TV. “There were many fans of the other team and not many of ours. I’m very sorry for what has happened.

“What we can avoid are certain situations but as of now, we will have to be much more strict. We can’t allow these situations to happen.”