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Erica BBN

BBNaija2020: Nigerians flay Erica’s fans for opening Gofundme

Following her unceremonius departure from the Big Brother House, fans of disqualified BBNaija housemate, Erica, have come under attack for setting up a Gofundme account for the upcoming actress.

It will be recalled that Erica was disqualified on Sunday for gross misconduct that included flouting house rules. As a punishment, the prizes, both in cash and kind, which she won during the stay in the house would be revoked.

However, few hours after her disqualification, Erica’s fans set up a Gofundme account to support her outside the house. The acount, which has a target of $100, 000 had already garnered over $14,000 at the time of this publication.


This development stirred hot reactions from Nigerians, especially on social media. Some Nigerians took to Twitter to criticize those contributing despite the state of Nigeria’s economy and other less privileged persons.

Some of the comments gathered from Twitter are posted below:

Comrade Deji Adeyanju @adeyanjudeji tweeted: “They have opened a Go Fund Me for disqualified Big Brother house mate -Erica, yet they insult those who hold Govt accountable. My generation is acting unaware of all the troubles & suffering in the country. It’s like we want to suffer for 600yrs.”

In a follow-up reaction, early Monday, he posted; “The Go Fund Me they opened for disqualified BBNaija housemate late last night is now close to $15k. LMAO. Which way Nigeria?”

@BiolaKazeem “Erica is going to get a $100k in gofundme despite doing all the things people here swore they hate and stand against. Many Gofundme for education and treatment can’t even hit $1000 despite aggressive campaigns. knocking anyone just a point about how we are a fascinating specie.”

Sirnucy @IamSan10: “Misplaced priority. Bbnaija is always aired every year during the time students are writing WAEC. Little wonder the rate of failures in WAEC when family gathers to watch bbnaija religiously. The future leaders will be worst than any bad leader this nation has survived.”

@Skin_herball “So you carry your hard earned money, inside this pandemic, with petrol @ 160, with all the troubles in this country donate to Erica’s GoFundMe?”


@Havillah007 “ All of u doing gofundme have families that are currently down financially and emotionally but will not notice or give attention..I cannot understand the basis for this.”

@Bowale “There are Gofundme for people’s tuition fees on Twitter that are yet to cross $2k after weeks. Well Erica’s own is almost at $3k after 2 hours. Nigerians know what they want and it’s why the country would remain stagnant.”

@Kofoworola “ In Nigeria we channel our energy to the wrong things Look at that gofundme for example.”

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@Ogbenidipo “ You say the government & private sector companies don’t take education and personal development serious. But not a single soul has created a gofundme for me or any careers & personal development coach on this app, with all the inspiring & empowering content we share. Is it fair?”

John Christian Alex @jchristianalex: “It is pathetic. Full-grown men and women wasting their lives gathering around the tv to watch BBNaija. Still waste their money on an evicted housemate as they are called while a poor girl next door has no money to buy a textbook for her education.”

@Posshh_ “ I bet some of the people donating money to Erica’s gofundme have relatives who are genuinely in need of help.”

Universal skillz @Universalskill3: “Country of morons, it will never b well wit dose dat started dis gofund-me 4 Erica. We shud be hitting d streets nd protesting over d 100% hike and increment of basic essential commodities nd nt donating 2 sum irresponsible cause. No wonda our politricktians treats us as slaves”

@Preshuhs “If you’re contributing to Erica’s GoFundMe and the people around you are starving, you are a disgrace.”


More reactions

@Sonjoe_kutuh “ They opened a GoFundMe account for Erica and you’re donating money, but your family and friends and neighbors are poor. You’re mad!

@tolu_scott: “It will not be well with anyone complaining about the government of Nigeria. Awon oloriburuku can raise this kind of money in 3 hours.”

Tony @anthonyosazuwa1: “And I’m here, private school maths tutor with no salary since February, nobody gave me 1k but they can raise 9k dolls for an entitled girl who loses all sense of decency inside alcohol. Una welldone.”

[email protected] @kabirrabiu89: “Highest level of Nigeria youth stupidity,”

twoTribes @farmuchi: “These are the reasons Govt don’t take us serious”

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Prince TOBI @tobideyefa: “Buhari please we need more tax…abeg People get money for this country.” ‘Country of Morons’

Ibrahim Yusuf @Tymeexx: “Y not open a GoFundMe campaign for the IDP’s. Some us are part of the problem in Nigeria.” ‘Buhari please increase tariff and tax’

Rotex @rotiminse: “A generation with misplaced priority. What a pity!. They deserve the wishy-washy nincompoop leaders they currently have. These kinds of youths are the worst. E be things.”

ⓈⒽⒺⓉⓉⒾ Ⓐ™ @SHETTY8701: “Buhari please increase fuel, electricity, DStv tarrifs again we have too much money. Since we all want to be mad in this country”.


Vincent Stefan @VincentStefan3: “Most NIGERIANS are very hilarious. Raising more than $9k targeting $100k Why don’t we raise funds for good things? rather than raising for a lady like most people out here. This So-called BBN has taken so many things from the Nigerian Youth.”

bro chuks @chukwudi_adibe: “OMG!! may God have mercy on the young people of this our Generation. people are dying of hunger, sickness in this country, some don’t even know how to feed on daily basis. $9,000 dollars in 9hrs for who… God help us.”

RITA ENGLISH @RITAENG1234: “Slavery of the mind is indeed a TERRIBLE THING! In this same Nigeria where insecurity, food Scarcity and hike in commodities with @MBuhari almost Taxing the AIR WE BREATHE AS NIGERIANS? Lord Please Have Mercy n Help US Before It Might be Too Late, through Christ OUR LORD, AMEN!”