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Apple confirms launch of iOS 16

All the new changes coming with Apple’s new iOS 16

Apple has unveiled its latest iPhone operating system upgrade software –iOS 16. This was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2022.

It will debut after September as it is still under beta testing, offering more personalization options, an improved lock screen with widgets, and some welcome updates to Messages for the typo-prone among us.

The biggest change coming in iOS 16 is the lock screen, starting with the ability to customize fonts and colors used. Apple is picking a book from Android customization but putting in more swag. It will be possible to add widgets and configure multiple lock screens that you can switch between by swiping across the screen. Different focus modes can also be assigned to different lock screens. Apple-supplied wallpapers get a refresh too, with animated and Pride-themed choices.


Notifications appear on the lock screen differently, too. Instead of piling up across the screen, they “roll in” at the bottom of the screen. There’s also a “live activities” feature to display notifications associated with an event like an Uber ride or sporting event in a single tile.

Messages are getting a revamp, too: iOS 16 adds the ability to edit typos out of sent messages, recall messages that you didn’t mean to send, and the ability to mark a message thread as unread so you can come back to it later. SharePlay is also coming to messages.

Apple’s powerful Live Text feature will be coming to video. Additionally, there will be more actions available when you use Live Text in photos or videos. Wallet gets some expanded features too, with a way to share saved IDs securely by supplying only necessary information. It’ll be easier to share saved keys, too. Apple Pay gets a new “Pay Later” feature, adding the option to split a bill into four equal payments without interest or fees. Apple Maps will get multi-stop routing in iOS 16, and six more cities will be added to the “detailed city experience” introduced in iOS 15.


Apple is also adding shared iCloud photo libraries, in an effort to make it easier to share certain photos across family and friends’ accounts. Up to six users can access a shared library. Photos will include sharing suggestions, and image edits and keywords will be synced for all users.

There’s also a new feature called Safety Check, which is aimed to protect people in abusive situations. It allows you to easily revoke access to certain information, like location, that you may have shared with someone else previously.

iOS 16 will be available after September for iPhone 8 and later, and will most likely debut alongside the iPhone 14 series, which is rumored to offer an always-on display for the first time in an iPhone.