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GTBank dollar to naira exchange rate today

Looking for latest updates on dollar to naira exchange rate? Guaranty Trust Bank, one of the leading banks in Nigeria has got you covered. Exchange Rates are foreign exchange rates offered by the Nigerian bank. Guaranty Trust Bank, also known as GTBank. They offer different currency exchange rates ranging from Dollar to Naira rates, Euro to Naira rates, Pounds to Naira rates, gtb dollar rate, dollar to naira bank rate today, current exchange rate dollar to naira in gtbank, and so on.

Dollar to Naira bank rate today

GTBank is the top choice for many Nigerians looking to get dollar to naira bank rate today. The reason(s) include their professional services, topnotch online and internet banking, excellent customer services, and trustworthy exchange systems, amongst others.

The leading African bank offers both interbank exchange rate and parallel rate, which is more popularly referred to as Black market rate. Interbank Exchange rate refers to the exchange rates offered by the bank itself, while the parallel rate is a black market rate that can be offered within the bank premises, though not by an official of the bank.

The parallel rates within the bank is usually offered by an independent party offering Bureau de Change services with the consent of the bank. To read more on the different types of exchange rates, check out NIGERIA’S MULTIPLE RATES.

GTBank is a popular bank of choice for many Nigerians because it offers both Interbank exchange rate and parallel rate (black market).

GTBANK EXCHANGE RATES (Dollar, Pounds, Euro)

GTBank Dollar to Naira rates

GTB exchanges Dollar at $1 to NGN390 at the Interbank rate, while the Black market (Parallel) rate exchanges the Dollar at $1 to NGN475.

GTBank Euro to Naira rates

Guaranty Trust Bank exchanges the Euro at €1 to NGN462. On the other hand, the black market exchanges the Euro at NGN540.

GTBank Pound to Naira rates

The Pound to Naira exchange rate offered by GTBank is £1 to NGN516. The parallel market, on the other hand, exchanges Pounds at £1 to NGN585.

GTB Dollar to Naira rate; $1 to NGN390


It is important to note that exchange rates are subject to frequent fluctuations. This is due to the volatility of the Naira against the Dollar. However, for sure and updated currency conversion rates, visit ABOKI FX! Make sure to bookmark the site as well!   


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