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Dollar to Naira rate today

Dollar to Naira exchange rate – Black Market Naira rate

What is Black Market Exchange Rate?

Black market exchange rate – also called parallel market – is an exchange rate for any currency that usually differs from the official exchange rate set by the Government of the country in question.

Dollar to naira exchange rate today black market

Black Market dollar to naira, pounds to naira, and euro to naira exchange rates.

You can also check black market exchange rate Canadian dollar to naira using our currency converter.


Black Market Exchange Rate
Nigerian Naira. Nigeria
USD –0.20%Per 1,000
GBP –0.40%Per 1,000
EUR –0.39%Per 1,000
CAD –0.31%Per 1,000
AUD –0.39%Per 1,000

Currency exchange rates in NGN on November 30, 2022

Naira recovers at the black market

As the Naira continues to appreciate against the dollar closing at N440/$1 on Tuesday, the dollar continues to experience a dump by speculators at the black market.

As the Federal government of Nigeria through the CBN, introduces some measures targeted at improving the supply of dollars in the foreign exchange market, the Naira has strengthened especially in the black market.

The federal government pushed against giving out dollars to importers of food and fertilizers.

You can read as the central bank plan towards exchange rate unification here.

Market Analysis

The Naira appreciated against the dollar to close at N440/$1 on Tuesday at the black market. This translates to a N25 gain when compared to the N465/$1 exchange rate on Monday, August 31.