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big brother naija 2017 housemates

Big Brother Naija 2017; what really happened during the show.

Big Brother Naija also called BBN is possibly one of the watched reality TV Show in Nigeria. The 2017 edition also experienced similar airplay and it was quite remarkable seeing as it was an underdog that won.

From the onset of the 2017 edition, nobody thought Efe was going home with the prize. Who would have thought so when we had the likes of the multi-talented Bisola, the beautiful TBoss, Debbie-Rise- who defiled all odds and stood against her father to register for Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Miyonse the talented chef, kemen with the amazing body….the contestants were quite formidable and remarkable we might add.
Few of the reasons why the 2017 edition of BBN was popular is due to the controversies surrounding it. Was it the time Gifty Powers denied ever knowing who Banky-W and Falz the bahd guy were? (Trust Nigerians to do the needful). Banky-W and Falz the bahd guy have had groundbreaking careers in the Nigerian music industry. And they’re no small feat. Or was it the kemen and TBoss’s issue that had Kemen disqualified from the show? Before we forget, Thin Tall Tony also had a moment there, man denied his family.
So, are you wondering how all of these played out? Keep reading and if you find any bit of information juicy gossip, don’t forget to share it!

BBNaija 2017 first eviction

In what can be likened to an emotional eviction night now, Soma and Miyonse and Gifty were nominated by the housemates for possible eviction. In a moment, Big Brother asked CocoIce to play God and she readily swapped Gifty for Efe. Yeah, who would have thought she saw the future already and wanted to alter it? It was just a game though.
After the swap, the votes came in and Efe remained in the house having secured the highest number of votes while Soma and Miyonse were asked to leave.

Gifty and her fake accent
Gifty Powers came packing some sure-fire strategies but we guess the strategies weren’t winner quality. Gifty was evicted after spending 28 days in the big brother Naija house. Her eviction came after Nigerians decided they have had enough of her fake accent and also after she denied never knowing Banky-W and Falz the bahd guy. She had to be living under the rock not to have known who the Lagos party crooner and soldier crooner was. Now she knows better, we guess.

Thin Tall Tony and his ‘family’ issues
Just like every other housemate, Thin Tall Tony also had plans for the money. It was no news that he even had to deny his family during his quest to be called the winner.
In a moment he had with Jon- who was a fake housemate by the way, Thin Tall Tony decided nothing was going to stand between him and the prize money. Not even a woman and kid(s) he left back in Nigerian.
In Thin Tall Tony’s voice, he said, “I don’t have a family, they are are all dead”.
Trust his wife to set him straight. She released pictures of them and their family on Social-media. This singular act set social-media ablaze and Tony was later evicted on day 56.

The Kemen and TBoss saga
Isn’t this why you truly came? A major spill of what truly went down in the 2017 edition Big Brother Naija without the case of unconsented touch? That’s a big no no and impossible of course! Kemen was caught on camera sexually touching TBoss beneath the sheets without her consent while she was fast asleep. Since sexual molestation is a big no on the show and everywhere else in the world, Kemen was disqualified from the reality show on the 42nd day of it airing.
Though Kemen agrees to have touched TBoss without her consent, he insists it wasn’t in any way intimate. It leaves us wondering if there is any other way to touch someone else under the sheets.

Big Brother Naija 2017 Grand Finale
Who would have thought Efe stood a chance against four ladies in the finale? No one…or every Nigerian we guess. The Warri born contestant won in a landslide victory clinching 57.61 percent of the votes to become the winner of the 2017 Big brother Naija “see goobe” reality TV show.
The multi-talented Bisola took the 1st runner up position with 18.54 percent of the votes. TBoss was able to secure 13.60 percent to become the 2nd runner up; Debbie-Rise got a vote of 8.78 percent while Marvis got a score of 1.47 percent of the total votes.
Efe won the hearts of the Nigerian viewers with his humility and ‘realness’- yes, there is a word like that, before emerging as the winner of big brother 2017 show taking home a brand new Kia Sorrento SUV and N25 million naira cash prize.

And yes! A major takeaway from Big Brother Naija 2017: Efe made sure he did not lose sight of the prize. He cemented this fact by not pursuing his love interest, Marvis while in the house.